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  • Installation and run ERP Client


Pro-forma Invoice

  • How to check the purchase order and the sales invoice are linked with the proforma invoice
  • How to generate an invoice from multiple pro-forma invoices
  • How to add a new pro-forma invoice detail to the linked purchase order and sales invoice
  • How to add/link a sales invoice with the existing purchase order
  • How to delete the sales invoice linkages of proforma invoice
  • How to unlink the purchase order from the proforma invoice and then link the other purchase order to the proforma invoice



  • Cost and price batch import



  • How to add a voucher
  • How to add recurrent voucher
  • How to use 'To Do List' to generate the voucher




  • Installation and run CMS (trial version)
  • OpenOffice Installation
  • Integrate OpenOffice and CMS


Drug Maintenance

  • Drug class maintenance
  • Add a drug formula that is made of other drugs



  • Use of drug class to shortlist the drugs during prescription
  • Use of drug formula during prescription
  • Use of well-formatted (OpenOffice) document
  • Use of word completion function
  • How to capture image having TopCode and assign to body condition parameter value



  • How to make an advanced appointment
  • How to make an advanced appointment with e-mail reminder
  • How to make an advance appointment with the NEW Patient over the phone
  • How to delete an appointment (that not yet consulted)
  • How can a patient use web page to book an advanced appointment
  • How to let the desired patient's photo shown in the appointment


Corporate Account Management

  • How to add a new corporation and attach existing patient to it
  • How to specify the corporate charges
  • How to link the consultation charge to the corporate charge


Photo Viewer

  • Use of drawing functions
  • How to draw annotated arc
  • How to view all the stored photos of a patient


Miscellaneous Maintenance

  • Use of body condition parameter maintenance and class maintenance
  • How to enter TopCode code and link to body condition parameter
  • Use of vaccination maintenance and its class maintenance
  • How to add vaccination appointment to a patient and print the advanced appointment report
  • Use of service station
  • How to add relation tag
  • How to create treatment package


Laboratory Data and Report

  • Define the charge item with laboratory nature
  • Order a laboratory test
  • Let the laboratory test sub-items appeared in the receipt


Patient Maintenance

  • Use of address helper to reduce the typo error and save the time
  • How to enter the address when the address is not known exactly?
  • How to enter inexact date of birth format of the patient
  • How to check duplicate before adding a new patient
  • How to build relationships among patients
  • How to add a treatment package to the patient


Server tools

  • Use of Whois client
  • How to enter the E-mail parameters


Statistics Analyzer

  • Use of statistics analyzer


Hospital Authority Related Data Capture

  • How to define and enter "ehealth voucher" data to CMS
  • How to enter inexact date of birth format of the patient



  • How to print prescription list



  • How to install
  • Getting started
  • How to add a roster
  • Shift Setting
  • Post Setting
  • Staff and Skill Setting
  • Parameter Setting


Vehicle Routing and Planning System (Route)

  • How to install
  • Getting started guide