Soft Solution System Limited was established in 2001 by a group of experience and energetic professionals. It provides a broad range of cost-effective home-grown off-the-shelf systems, information technology consultancies and maintenance services. It also works with different IT vendors to provide the branded hardware and software solutions. The company believes that the one-stop provider can greatly reduce the implementation and operational inefficiencies.

Our Mission

We embed the intelligence and innovation into our products that boost your competence and productivity to next higher level.


We exhibited at the "ICT Pavilion @ Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2006 (Spring Edition)".


We choose Java as the major system development language, because it is a modern, object-oriented programming language based on open / public standards. Java is more standardized and has a much richer collection of core functions than any other general-purpose programming language. Many models of the real world lend themselves well to representation by objects.

Developed Java applications can execute with little or no change on multiple hardware platforms. This feature helps us to save the development time and development costs. As a result, we write one application and deploy to many platforms at once. Therefore, user can see our applications on various versions of Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOSX, various versions of web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, and many Java-enabled mobile devices and embedded devices.

Needless to say, there are excellent but free Java development tools such as the NetBeans and Eclipse. There is a huge community of Java programmers, many of whom make their work available for use by others. Because of these, Java works well with Internationalization. User can see that our systems currently have English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese user-interfaces.

Last but not least, anyone in charge of a schedule and budget will agree that software development time, reliability and maintainability are the main factors driving the true lifecycle cost of software. Typically 60% of a product's lifecycle cost is the cost of maintenance and upgrades. However, Java is continuously maintained and evolved by Sun Microsystems (lately acquired by Oracle) while the business logics are maintained by us, we have a helpful hands.

All these things happened to make our products and services to be delivered to markets at the shorter time and reasonable prices!

Let's try it!

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System Requirement

All our desktop systems are required Java to run, please download a copy of Java Runtime Engine here and install it in your computer.

With Java installed, you can download and install all our desktop systems.