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Key Features
Key Modules
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Clinic Management System (CMS)

CMS is a sophisticated system solution in Hong Kong that helps to manage the daily activities of clinic; even a group of clinics. CMS has consistent and easy-to-use graphical user interface that makes patient appointment, doctor consultation, prescription, drug inventory monitoring easy. CMS prints the prescription labels to label-printer and laser printer. In addition to running in local area network, CMS is Internet ready that allows CMS clients connected together over Internet. CMS has solo practice version , group practice version, and monthly subscription version. Ours target users are doctor, dentist, physician, physiotherapist, psychologist and physical trainer.

(* Some of the features and modules are only available to the Group Practice Version)

Key Features

Key Modules

  • Patient record managemenet
  • Appointment and diary management
  • Consultation management
  • Charge item maintenance
  • Diagnosis maintenance
  • Treatment maintenance
  • Findings maintenance
  • Patient complaints maintenance
  • Body condition parameter and parameter class maintenance
  • Vaccination and vaccination class maintenance
  • Drug and drug formula management
  • Drug class maintenance
  • Drug standard instructions maintenance
  • Drug direction maintenance
  • Drug warning maintenance
  • Drug format maintenance
  • Drug unit maintenance
  • Drug usage maintenance
  • Drug supplier maintenance
  • Patient drug allergy management
  • Address helper
  • Standard letter maintenance with Openoffice support
  • Payment card maintenance
  • Questionnaire management
  • Laboratory test maintenance, data entry and print laboratory items on the receipt
  • Diagnosis and prescription statistics analyzer
  • Location maintenance
  • Staff and roster maintenance
  • Service and request, and service maintenance
  • Simple drug inventory maintenance, inventory on-hand report
  • Cash register report, income report and income analysis report
  • Prescribed drug report, dangerous drugs registry and expiry drugs report
  • Patient list
  • Staff-security assignment
  • Photo viewer with drawing function
  • Internet ready, built-in web server, works behind firewall and support SSL
  • Treatment Package Maintenance
  • Patient Treatment Package Management

Patient Record Managemenet

  • patient record management includes patient personal information, drug allergy, consultation and prescription history
  • patient drug allergy can be set based on individual drug and drug class
  • unlimited patient condition parameters that can be groupped into unlimited parameter classess
  • simplified but enhanced patient search capability
  • check duplicate before save the new patient to avoid duplicating patient record
  • patient relationship management
  • archive inactive patient information


Drug Information Management

  • drug management includes the drug information, format, unit, strength, usage, dosage, standard instruction, direction and warning messages, multiple suppliers linkage per drug; the standard instruction can be segmented into three patient age groups
  • drug formula allows drugs presented in the mixture while it can be changed during the prescription for each consultation
  • dosage maintenance helps to develop standard instructions for different prescription requirement


Appointment Management

  • appointment management allows the consultation booking, patient queuing with dynamic and automatic time updating; the doctor availability can be checked against the roster if necessary during the booking; dairy format helps to show the appointment clearly



  • charge item maintenance helps to customize the frequent used chargeable items in the consultation module; the prescription charges can be linked to the consultation and the sum is calculated automatically


Corporate Account Management

  • manage corporate account and group the patients to the related corporation
  • support monthly statement generation and printing



  • built-in Internet connection facilities that helps to deploy the system to the Internet environment
  • support multi-users/doctors and multiple locations
  • whois client lets the administrator to view the IP address information of the connected user
  • built-in Web Server that supports paitent self-service appointment
  • domain name watcher helps to show the discrepancy of domain name


Analysis Tools

  • diagnosis statistics analyzer reveals the source of income, the patient and diagnosis distribution


Address Input Helper

  • address helper has more than 20,000 buildings, estates, streets and roads information stored that helps to reduce the address input time and error


Laborartory Items Maintenance

  • laboratory items can be listed on the receipt


Image Viewing and Editing

  • support images (JPEG and PNG) in the consultation, so that x-ray images, photos, scanned can be stored; drawing function is provided to draw on the images without actually painting on it; enhanced photo browsing facilities in patient consultation history
  • support DICOM image format conversion during image import


Drug Label Printing and Management Reports

  • print English and Chinese prescription label to thermal label printer and laser printer
  • print standardized sick leave certificate, attendance certificate, receipt, prescription list and standard letter; standard letter content can be modified
  • prescribed drug report, dangerous drugs registry and expiry drugs report


Questionnaire Management

  • allow user to enter the diagnosis questionnaire into system that can calculate single consolidated score
  • scores can be plotted across the time scale


Security Management

  • CMS Server works behind the firewall
  • optional SSL module
  • individual user and functional-level security controls; supervisor and subordinate relationship can be setup, so that the supervisor can access and modify the subordinates' consultation data
  • data changes are logged for security purpose and later reference


Other Features

  • service station helps CMS clients to signal each others especially the clients widely disperse
  • simple drug inventory management and inventory on-hand report
  • supports the usage of Hospital Authority's ehealth voucher in terms of storing and printing the voucher payment; and the patient related data
  • Openoffice support
  • TopCode support
  • translate Chinese
  • e-mail alert
  • Cam snapshot support


Online Trial

Group Practice Version
login name
Doctor 1
Doctor 2

Senior Doctor

Both doctor1 and doctor2 are subordinate of Senior doctor who can access and ammend theirs consultation records.


Nurse 1

Limited access rights, but up to you to define these access rights.


Nurse 2

Limited access rights, but up to you to define these access rights.

Solo Practice Version
login name


Limited access rights, but up to you to define these access rights.



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