Automated Staff Roster Generation System (Roster)

Roster is a group of scheduling programs that use various technologies and techniques of artificial intelligence and operation research to automatically generate a schedule of employees, location, shift for a given periods under specified constraints, e.g. week or month, day-off and skill requirement. These roster software systems suit for various business and companies.

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Automated Staff Roster Generation System
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Automated Staff Roster Generation System
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Automated Staff Roster Generation System
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Automated Staff Roster Generation System
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Automated Staff Roster Generation System
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Automated Staff Roster Generation System
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Automated Staff Roster Generation System
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Automated Staff Roster Generation System

Roster101 Desktop System allows you to enter the posts, skills, staffs and leaves information, these are kept locally on your PC, only anonymous data is submitted to our server for scheduling. Once done, you can retrieve the assignments from our server and import to your PC. The operation is straight-forward and easy to use.

Roster101 Android App is an assistant application that is used to show the staff leave and roster information in the calendar way. These data are generated by the desktop Java Roster application. User can apply leave request through this app.

Key Features

  • single shift per day
  • staff can have multiple skills
  • no day shift following the night shift
  • pre-set staff leave
  • maximum consecutive working days
  • minimum consecutive working days
  • staff request leave records will be considered during scheduling

Applicable To You

  • continuous working days throughout the year
  • off-day and public holidays can be re-scheduled
  • work in shift
  • roster cycle between 2 weeks and 5 weeks
  • some staffs can work in multiple posts
  • day / night shifts rotation per roster


  • we only charge fee for Roster AI engine to work on the submitted roster; other usage is free
  • new customer has 30 minutes free (Roster AI engine)
  • Each purchase, Roster AI engine charges HK$500 per 50 minutes
  • for customized scheduling engine to suit your special needs, please contact us

Remark: The above suggested prices and scheduling runs are subject to change without prior notice. In case of dispute, we reserve the right to make the final decision.

System requirement

All our desktop systems are required Java to run, please download a copy of Java Runtime Engine here and install it in your computer.

With Java installed, you can download and install all our desktop systems.

Download desktop system

Click here to download the Roster desktop application for installation ... register ... confirm email ... start to use

Download Android app

Please go to Google Play to download the Roster101 Android App