Trading and Accounting System (ERP) Tutorial


  • Installation and run ERP Client

Pro-forma Invoice

  • How to check the purchase order and the sales invoice are linked with the proforma invoice
  • How to generate an invoice from multiple pro-forma invoices
  • How to add a new pro-forma invoice detail to the linked purchase order and sales invoice
  • How to add/link a sales invoice with the existing purchase order
  • How to delete the sales invoice linkages of proforma invoice
  • How to unlink the purchase order from the proforma invoice and then link the other purchase order to the proforma invoice


  • Cost and price batch import


  • How to add a voucher
  • How to add recurrent voucher
  • How to use 'To Do List' to generate the voucher

Let's try it!

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System Requirement

All our desktop systems are required Java to run, please download a copy of Java Runtime Engine here and install it in your computer.

With Java installed, you can download and install all our desktop systems.