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Support Services
Tailor-made Systems

Staff Rostering System (Roster)

Roster is a group of scheduling programs that produce a schedule of employees, location, shift for a given periods under specified constraints, e.g. week or month, day-off request and skill requirement. Each roster programs suit for various business and companies. [More...]

Chinese Fortune Telling Service (Light)

LIGHT is a Chinese Chinese fortune telling system that is composed of the knowledge of anicent Chinese metaphysics and the modern technology of expert system. User has to enter the birth date and gender data and will receive the interpreted information. [More...]


Support Services

We provide both on-site and off-site services. Our services include our developed systems, third-party software and hardware purchases and installation, file and SQL servers design and implementation, network design and implementation, website design and host, various Internet servers design and host.


Tailor-made Systems Design and Development

In addition to our off-the-shelf systems, we also provide the tailor-made system design and development from scratch or from your existing systems.



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