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Key Features
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Route Planning System (Route)

Route is an easy to use routing planning software specialized in arranging delivery and service appointments, that includes route optimization from third-party map API, each vehicle delivery schedule to minimise distance travelled or hours worked while fulfilling customer orders. The algorithms take into account constraints such as time window, service time and vehicle capacity.

Route101 is suitable for companies with an own fleet or mobile workforce, specialized in products and services for which customers need to be available on-site; planning solutions help to decrease costs, improve service, increase productivity, and reduce the environmental impact of your fleet.

Let Route101 handles these complexities.

Key Features

  • handle up to 300 locations per plan
  • customer has goods receive time window
  • dispatcher has service time
  • use third-party map API to get the route time or distance
  • optimize the time or distance
  • support multiple vehicles and depots


Applicable To You

  • own fleet of carriers or mobile workforce




  • limit to 50 delivery destinations per run
  • limit a location query per minute
  • no paid third-party map API distance used

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  • customized routing engine to suit your special needs, please contact us


Remark: The above suggested prices and routing runs are subject to change without prior notice. In case of dispute, we reserve the right to make final decision.


  • Download ... install ... register ... confirm email ... start to use


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