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CMS Update Logs

The latest version is 5.16


  • add Treatment Package Maintenance module
  • add Patient Treatment Package Management module


  • change export files format from text to spreadsheet XLS


  • modify appointment patient input panel
  • simplify CMS server user interface
  • support Java 8 or above version only


  • remove date from full prescription form printout
  • add diagnosis column in Monthly Income Report
  • add No-IP update function in CMS server
  • add algorithm for CMS client to find CMS server


  • fix empty line as data in Body Parameters input
  • use new age calculation algorithm
  • use new server library loading
  • fix compatibility issues with Java 8


  • add optional date and time fields when making appointment in the Patient Module
  • add patient Chinese name (if any) in the Sick Leave Letter and Attendance Certificate
  • add image snapshot capability
  • add annotated angular arc, horizontal line, vertical line drawing tools
  • add TopCode support
  • fix Suggestion Dialog's window boarder in Consultation Module


  • add header image on drug label
  • fix page drug label bug
  • fix service station bug
  • remove obsolete print PDF button from Consultation module
  • disable Ctrl-V (paste) in Diagnosis, Finding, Complaint and Treatment editing panes of Consultation module


  • add English word Dictionary
  • add word completion function in the Consultation module
  • fix record locks after improper logout
  • fix the patient code entry field issue


  • fix Java 7 compatiability and loading issues
  • add files upload/download/open/delete options in Patient Maintenance
  • add image delete option in Patient Maintenance
  • fix invalid doctor in cash register report
  • add sortable columns to the invoice module of statement


  • print to PDF is removed
  • add 'active only' check box for charge maintenance module
  • rewrite export data only for 'corporate monthly income report'


  • add chinese descr for diagnosis, treatment, finding, complaint
  • add tagged treatment, finding and complaint words in the consultation module
  • add diagnosis class
  • add diagnosis class filter in the consultaion module
  • remove langusage translation service
  • add photo showing in the appointment module


  • add user logon/logout log rotation
  • add e-mail alert module
  • add e-mail log rotation


  • add 7-days diary in Appointment Module
  • add upload and download image functions in Patient Maintenance Module
  • fine tune user-program security level


  • add option to turn off print payment method in receipt printout
  • show the '$' sign on the consulted patient when the payment is made
  • add location-based invoice prefix
  • add system-based statement prefix
  • add search patient information by staff code
  • add search statement by statement number or invoice number
  • modify statement printout with addition of charge breakdown pages and charge distribution page
  • shorten the time of license release from 60 mins to 15 mins when the CMS client was lost


  • add corporate account management
  • add cash register information to the receipt and print out
  • enhance charge maintenance to include corporate charge
  • add currency and statement system settings
  • add statment maintenance
  • add corporation report: charge item distribution by patient
  • add corporation report: monthly income report
  • add corporation report: monthly sales report
  • add report: prescription list
  • add patient relationship management
  • support DICOM image format conversion


  • add Chinese translation
  • enhance referral maintenance
  • support grab and drag on photo/drawing panel
  • enhance CMS client / server logs
  • add costs reference in the inventory report


  • add photo printing capability in patient history report
  • expand appointment's note field to 250 characters
  • add drug allergy alert of the patient in the patient information panel of consultation window


  • improved patient information loading
  • enhance cash registry to accommodate unlimited payment means


  • add vaccination and vaccination class modules
  • obsoletes patients' laboratory data entry (replaced by body parameter conditions)
  • add domain name watcher


  • add openoffice support for letter
  • change the letter template to support the body parameters
  • enhance and simplify address helper input
  • allow different brands of label printer in one location


  • add body condition parameters module
  • add body condition parameters access in the consult module and patient module
  • simplify and enhance the patient search capability
  • add check duplicate before save function during addition of new patient


  • add payment card maintenance
  • add HA's ehealth related data capture
  • add cash register by payment card report


  • add referral and blood types in patient record
  • show referral in daily sales report
  • add patient list by referral report
  • remove address helper case-sensitive search restriction
  • add user-defined features in drug label printing
  • enhance statistical analysis by user preferred groupping namely year, month, gender, and age group
  • add prescription statistics


  • built-in Web Server that supports paitent self-service appointment
  • lost connection dialog window


  • CMS Server works behind the firewall, and add optional SSL module
  • support postgresql and derby database servers
  • add expiry drugs report and dangerous drugs registry
  • enhance print preview and add PDF printing support
  • improve user-program assignment user interface


  • release CMS Free personal edition that is standalone application


  • add questionnaire use of questionnaire in consultation and patient records, allow the questionnaire scores can be plotted along the consultation date
  • allow multiple standard letters per consultation
  • shorten the consultation module loading time
  • speed up image loading and display


  • address helper has more than 20,000 buildings, estates, streets and roads information stored that helps to reduce the address input time and error
  • drug formula handles drug mixtures
  • laboratory items printed on the receipt
  • whois client lets administrator to view the connected user's ISP information


  • add diagnosis statistics analyzer
  • income analysis report


  • short list the drugs in consultation through drug class
  • cash register and cash register report
  • appointment diary
  • enhanced photos display facilities in patient's consultation history
  • laboratory test maintenance and laboratory data entry


  • launch CMS monthly subscription version


  • add editable standard letter in consultation module
  • add pulse count, thermometer type, and last menstrual period in current conditions
  • add drug class maintenance and use it with patient allergy, visual highlight the drug list with the allergic drugs during prescription
  • age display with odd months
  • options selection in printing consultation history
  • log data changes


  • launch CMS Group Practice Version


  • add drawing functions to the photo viewer
  • link and calculate drug price and cost to prescription
  • print consultation history


  • intercom-like service stations between CMS clients, services maintenance
  • simple drug inventory maintenance
  • drug inventory on-hand report


  • standard letter module that is integrated with consultation module to issue the letter